Enjoy bigger chance to sell your idea!

Let’s start from the beginning, we launched TellYourIdea concept in 2016. The base of our concept is that a lot of people have brilliant, unique ideas, but only a few of them have the needed resources. We all know that to implement an idea you need a lot of money, time, knowledge and expertise, but a lot of people don’t own all of these.

What can happen if someone has an idea but can’t make it come true?

We think most of them waste them ideas, because they think it’s almost impossible to sell it or implement it. There are thousands of articles on how to sell your idea to a big company. If you want to do it yourself you have to work a lot for it and maybe in the end you still won’t be able to sell it.

What’s there on the other side?

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The most important things to know about crowdfunding if you have a brilliant idea

If you have a brilliant idea you have a lot of different ways to turn it into reality. One option is starting a crowdfunding campaign. We have written about the biggest startup problems concerning money.

We mentioned crowdfunding option as well, but let’s see this option in more details because it is worth it.

What’s that exactly?
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What are the 10 competences that are needed to build a startup company?

We would like to illustrate our views with a well-known principle. It’s called Peter Principle. What’s that?

It’s about a process that takes places in the companies’ hierarchy. Employees are promoted when the management is satisfied with their work in their current position. That means everyone goes higher and higher in the company’s hierarchy until they do their work well. But what’s wrong with this?
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What kind of ideas are we looking for?

One of the most common questions we were asked is that.

The short answer is: we are mostly interested in ideas concerning the field of Information Technology, such as online software and services, games, cloud computing, big data, etc. But we think it would be easier to get the idea if we write more about it.

In this article we try to help you with a long description about that topic. We have nine main categories to collect ideas.
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Keep It Up!

Back then when the whole story of Tell Your Idea began we were super curious about the quantity, but even more the quality of the ideas we will receive.

Our first concern vanished shortly after our launch, as we received ideas in so great numbers that it outshined our every expectation. Also the quality – or better say “nature”, as there is no really good or bad idea in our opinion – was as well superb.

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What are startup incubators and accelerators?

If you’re seeking for help to see a great concept of yours come true, we already mentioned some options that you can consider to profit from your idea.

Though such institutes as startup accelerators and incubators are not very new concepts in the USA, other parts of the globe started to found such organizations with a bit of a delay.

So let’s talk a little bit about startup accelerators and startup incubators. Knowing a bit more about them may help you to understand the concept of Tell Your Idea a little bit deeper.

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4+1 Startups That Could Prevail But Failed

Some say that the startup bubble is facing the same problems that the dotcom bubble went through around 2000. The causes can be many, from companies burning up too much money to bad business decisions. Whatever is the reason, some symptoms are already here that proves this theory may have some validity.

To have a deeper look on the topic, we collected 4 + 1 great enterprises that seemed to conquer the market, but for some reason failed.

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